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Why Us?

Imperial Lifestyle Management exists to empower hardworking Medical Professionals and Entrepreneurs, to take control of their financial lives and personal time. We have created a complete financial management system which increases wealth, and decrease time commitments for our clients.


Your Goals

Many of our clients are specialized medical professionals who, between clinics, research and teaching commitments have little time to devote to planning and implementing beneficial strategies. With your significant income and lack the time or breadth of knowledge to manage your complex financial and administrative duties – we are your solution!


About Us

Imperial’s advisors advocate on your behalf to streamline your life, recognizing that your time is valuable. Our attention to detail and due diligence to every responsibility we are assigned, allows you to rest assured that your needs are being monitored and met.


Our Philosophy

We work as a unified team to achieve your vision, becoming a driving force for positive changes in your life. We have created a complete financial management system which increases wealth, and decrease time commitments for our clients. 


Our Guarantee

To increase your net worth by over $25,000 in the first year or we pay you 10% of the difference.*

* valid for unincorporated professionals.


At Imperial Lifestyle Management, we work collaboratively to create a plan which incorporates your defined vision with a comprehensive strategy. The end result is a more satisfying and enjoyable lifestyle, free from the burden of dealing with complex financial issues and administrative responsibilities.


Your Lifestyle Plan

The non-financial side of your day to day life - we go far deeper than the high level wants and needs your family has in life. It’s how you will get the most of every aspect of life, personal, professional and family. You can focus on what matters to you knowing your team has your back.


Comprehensive Planning

At Imperial, we understand the great importance of proper planning. Many of our clients wish to purchase new assets, pay down debts, retire early or leave a legacy. Planning is a significant aspect of our inclusive approach. We are able to overcome obstacles and create positive, actionable solutions that generate tangible results.


Active Management

Imperial differentiates itself from other financial planning institutions through our consideration of all aspects of our clients’ lives. We understand the value and impact of comprehensive wealth management as a part of the overall picture. We place considerable value on helping you achieve work-life balance, by providing ongoing advice and back end administrative support.


Investment Advisory

Imperial has strong relationships with established professionals for every aspect of your investment needs. We address each of the following areas with the highest standards of diligence, management and monitoring to ensure peak performance and your individual satisfaction.     Read more


Cash Management

Our grasp of cash management strategies helps you in good times and bad by preparing you to be nimble, lean, and agile enough to respond to change positively. A good cash management strategy requires you to have an accurate picture of where your cash is coming from and going to before you make an educated choice on spending habits.


Return On Life

Imperial’s advisors advocate on your behalf to streamline your life, recognizing that your time is valuable, and may be spent more productively with our support. Our attention to detail and due diligence in everything we do, allows you to rest assured that your needs are being monitored and met.

The Process


Discovery Meeting

The first meeting with clients – the discovery meeting – is the most important meeting with a client, as it sets the foundation for the entire relationship going forward. The discovery interview allows us to explore your direction, opportunities and concerns, determining goals and information exchange.


Determine Critical Areas of Focus

After the discovery meeting our team will review all the information gathered and call in our experts in their respective fields to determine the next steps to achieving your goals.


Plan Development

Once the road map has been developed by your team we then move to plan development. This is a formalized strategic plan which will be reviewed with you.


Strategic Implementation

We will meet with you again to present our findings and the startegic plan developed to meet your goals. A full review and next steps are presented in an open and transparent discussion.


Ongoing Monitoring, Reporting & Review Meetings

Imperial Lifestyle will provide you with ongoing updates as to the status of your success, full reporting and on-going review meetings to round out your new simplified life!


Your Team

Want to live the good life? We’ve got the team to take you there!

Learn more about our amazing team of professionals.

Andrew Dennis, CFP

Managing Director

Alex Powell CPA CA

Chief Strategy Officer

Emilia Romano

Director of Marketing

Karen Ramirez

Accounting Analyst

Heather Whyte

Executive Assistant

Damion Williams


Zach Murray

Junior Associate

Junning Zeng

Information Technology
and Security Specialist

Client Profile

Don’t take our word for it ... this is what our clients are saying about us!!

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Dr. J. Cardullo

Previously unincorporated doctor
“My accountant told me to wait... I thought incorporating would be too difficult”

My Story

Dr. M. Chan

Drowning in student debt
"I can't believe I tried to repay this
on my own"

My Story

Dr. D. Webb

Cash flow
"On-line banking a few times a week added up to wasted hours each month"

My Story


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